Christian Hypnosis Association co-founder, Heather McFall introduces you to Christian Hypnosis and the Christian Hypnosis Association.

Christian Hypnosis is for Everyone

You are invited to become an important part of our growing Christian community


The Christian Hypnosis Association's mission is to make the benefits of Christian hypnosis available to all Christians of all denominations, in all communities and in every place of worship. We realize the enormity of our mission and understand we cannot accomplish this without Christian help, understanding and support.

CHA's services and trainings were developed and designed to integrate Christian faith, Biblical principles and the concepts of self-hypnosis and Perception-eering to elevate human growth, self-help, inner peace, Christian values and personal happiness for all who seek it.

CHA teaches what Jesus taught because all the motivational skills needed for a happy productive life are found within the parables, guidelines and the direct teachings of Jesus Christ.

CHA is dedicated to the promotion of the use of faith based hypnosis combined with prayer, Christian values and principles for elevated client education, understanding and sustainable, individual achievement and personal success.

Review our site, then join us in our exciting mission…

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