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Comprehensive Christian Hypnosis Training
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Christian Hypnosis certification, congregation building, pulpit presentation skills and how to teach what Jesus taught are unique and effective trainings offered by CHA


No one has ever been bored into salvation and accepting Christ as his personal savior.

Every training offered by Christian Hypnosis Association has been designed and developed to reignite interest in the Christian faith by adding excitement, interest, inspiration, motivation and yes, even fun to the Christian experience. Here is a brief description of CHA's current training options.

Christian Hypnosis Certification - Become a certified Christian hypnotist. Use hypnosis to improve yourself and teach self-hypnosis to others so they can help themselves. Learn the master techniques required to achieve an elevated level of client success for weight loss, stop smoking and stress management. Use the same principles, structure and concepts used by Jesus to reinforce Christian faith for a happier, more productive life.

Stop the Boo's & Fill Your Pews - Congregation building for secular times. Combat the secular assault on our Christian faith by increasing the size and quality of your congregation. Use professional practice building strategies and tactics used by health care professionals to fill your empty pews. Referral strategies, consumer reviews, tactics and how to make your Sunday sermon the hottest ticket in town. This training is especially designed for the Christian ministry.

Art of Biblical Influence - Teach what Jesus taught the way he taught it. The structural concepts and principles of how Jesus used parables, stories and metaphors to transform humanity.

This training is about learning and using advanced communication skills described in the Bible yet ignored by science and the secular health care community.

Christian Life Coaching - Personal and professional coaching for ministers and every member of the congregation. Put Christ's teachings into practice for use in overcoming the challenges of every day life. Grasp the true meaning of Christian love and self-forgiveness so you can live a Christian life by example and not just mere words.

Pulpit Etiquette - Exceptional pulpit skills result in filled pews. Give your congregation what they want and leave them wanting more. How to use serial sermons to leave your congregation in anxious anticipation of next Sunday's sermon. Excite, inspire, motivate by creating expectation, anticipation and educating.

Be the minister your congregation craves. Take a stand. Promote a cause. Provide Christian charity. Learn how to preach so the congregation will not only listen, but take action, volunteer, contribute and be involved.

Accepting God's Love - How prayer, faith and the focus hypnosis offers can fill your heart and mind with Christian love, values and contentment. Instead of stress and the hopeless despair created by work, finances, relationships and other obstacles and challenges we must confront everyday.

Accepting God's Love is putting reality into proper perspective. Learning how to love yourself so you can love others. Accepting God's Love is his way of getting us through the day.

If you are interested in enrolling in one of CHA's trainings, call (239) 322-4586 to schedule your free screening. When you qualify, we can schedule a training tailored to fit your most immediate needs and goals.

These topics are also available as guest sermons presented by Scott and Heather McFall.

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