All Hypnosis is Self-hypnosis

CHA congratulates all those who have achieved their results and goals with hypnosis


No hypnotist ever lost a single pound or quit a single cigarette for their client.

No hypnotist every hypnotized anyone since the dawn of man.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A God given ability we all possess.

Hypnotists don't hypnotize. Regardless of their claims of mystical prowess.

Hypnotists teach and guide people in learning how to access and maximize the benefits of what we label as hypnosis.

Every result ever achieved by anyone using hypnosis was achieved by that person… not the hypnotist.

Throughout the history of the hypnosis profession, hypnotists have taken credit for the success achieved by those who used their services. In an attempt to imply or pursuade others that they to could achieve a similar result.

This practice is misleading, deceptive and dishonest.

People are different and so are their responses to, and mastery of, hypnosis.

A person's results using hypnosis depends on many factors including age, gender, lifestyle, intellect, ability to concentrate, commitment, motivation and willingness to cooperate.

CHA is proud of all of our client and training success stories.

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