Why America is being transformed from a Christian nation to a secular nation

Advertising, media, government, Hollywood, television, education, technology and false science are destroying American values and decency.


America's educational system is controlled by the self serving teachers union. Secular and liberal without apology.

The result is record breaking teen pregnancy. Lowest scores in math and science of all industrialized nations. 

Public schools no longer teach, they indoctrinate our children with the liberal views of the day.

Our media no longer reports news accurately. They entertain. Build up then tear down. Use sin of omission to bury stories that don't fit their liberal agenda like Benghazi, IRS scandals, Fast and Furious.

Television programs like High School USA distort reality and promote hedonistic behavior in our youth. Schools provide gay space for children, but outlaw and expel for public prayer.

Government misleads and deceives. There are no poor politicians. All have a hand in the special interest lobbyist money bucket.

Technology and the Internet is used for anonymous character assassination, elimination of intellectual property, invasion of privacy and making perverted sexual behavior a click away for any misguided child.

All of this occurs because of you and I. We elect the politicians. Put up with pedophile educators and allow our children to be exposed to the false realities of modern day America.

These facts will be reduced to being labeled a conservative Christian rant. An attempt to draw attention to CHA and advance our agenda.

Our agenda, goals and reason for existence is to stop the insanity. And start thinking for ourselves again.

Adolf Hitler said, "What good fortune it is for government that men do not think."

It's time we stop accepting what's force fed to us and start questioning why our nation is in decline.

Imagine a world without hate, violence, conflict, envy, murder, divorce, crime or war.

A world of peace, harmony and brotherly love for all races, all religions, in every country in every corner of the globe.

A united people committed to the selfless benefit of all through self-reliance, personal values and an urgent commitment to lift up and help those less fortunate.

A world without hunger, disease, homelessness or man made pain and suffering.

Utopia, Xanadu, a Garden of Eden, Heaven on Earth where all life has supreme value. Learn more here…

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