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Christian hypnosis should be available for everyone seeking its benefits


Scott and Heather McFall of Fort Myers, Florida have pledged to make Christian hypnosis available to everyone seeking its benefits.

Scott states, "Every church in America would benefit by having a qualified, competent, ethical, certified Christian hypnotist in their congregation."

The McFalls have voiced concern over the dwindling membership of the Christian community.

Christian Hypnosis Association offers assistance to any Christian ministry that wants to build their congregation by increasing interest and public awareness of the ministry.

CHA also offers training for ministers who want to perfect pulpit presentation skills by adding excitement, hope, faith, inspiration and motivation to their sermons and Bible study.

CHA believes that human growth, happiness and a productive life are not sustainable without faith. The CHA mission is simple, but enormous in scope.

The McFalls want to combat secularism by demonstrating the high quality of life that can be achieved when Christian hypnosis is used to reinforce faith and core Christian values.

Scott further states, "Like most Christians, I'm very disappointed that many of our churches are failing due to decreased memberships. I'm not prepared to surrender to national secularism and will do everything humanly possible to return America to its Christian roots and core values. Let us not forget that the definition of evil is the absence of empathy and evil's prime ally is apathy."

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